January 16, 2022  5:29 PM 


Public Hearing Notice

The Shapleigh Board of Appeals will hold a public hearing at the Shapleigh Town Hall on Monday, July 12, 2021 at 7:00 pm to hear the following:

A request for a Variance Appeal to reconfigure two contiguous lots. Both have a principal use on them now and when reconfigured. The lots are located both in the General Purpose and Shoreland District.

Ref. Zoning Chapter 105, Section 18 ‘Dimensional Requirements’; Section 4.E(3) ‘Contiguous built lots’; and Section 19.C ‘Shore frontage’.

Property Located at: Shapleigh Tax Map 14, Lot 16 (177 Emery Mills Road)

Applicant: John R. Gallant

Harold Cebulla

Chairman, Board of Appeals

The purpose of the Zoning Board of Appeals is to hear grievances from Shapleigh property owners as it relates to a decision made by the Code Enforcement Officer or the Planning Board. There are two types of appeals: administrative and variance

In general, an administrative appeal is sought when the applicant believes the CEO or Planning Board erred in its interpretation of the town ordinance or in the processing of the permit application

A variance appeal is sought when the CEO issues a denial of a permit due to the inability to meet dimensional standards of a town ordinance. This appeal requires that the property meet four tests in order to grant a variance, in general:

  1. Ability to yield a reasonable return;
  2. Uniqueness of the property in relation to neighborhood;
  3. Altering the essential character of the locality; and,
  4. Hardship not the result of applicant or prior owner

Application forms, and tax maps for notification to abutters, are available at the town hall. There is a $150 filing fee upon submission of the appeal application. All meetings are open to the public. Applications under appeal are available for inspection at the town hall during normal business hours


    • Harold P. Cebulla, Chairman
    • Karla Bergeron
    • Kathy Fagan
    • Vacancy
    • Vacancy 
    • Barbara Gilbride, Land Use Secretary