May 12, 2021  1:14 AM 

Shapleigh Recreation Sports Registration Form - to download form click here

Spring Sports Mini Sessions Starting Wednesday May 12, 2021 - Wednesday June 16, 2021 (6 weeks)

Shapleigh athletes (PK-5) will have an opportunity to participate in a 6 weeks "Sports Mini Sessions". There will be three sessions, each 2 weeks long where
the athlete may choose which sports they would like to participate in.  Registration will be $20 for the first child/$10 per sibling after that. No child will be turned away due to lack of financing; Shapleigh Recreation
will sponsor those that need it. If a parent volunteers to coach the full 6 weeks season, the registration fee will be waived for a single athlete; 50% off registration for coaching
a single session. CLICK here for full details and Registration form. 

Recreation Committee Minutes - click here to view.

Shapleigh Recreation Members are:

Kristen Bennett, member 207-432-9134

Jennifer Medico - Secretary - 207-467-0014

Brittany Lampe - Vice Chairman 207-351-7860

Sandra Anderson, Treasurer 207- 432-6846

Samantha Rodriquez, Chairman- 207-608-5577

If you have any questions regarding the recreation programs please email: 

Sports Fields Director - Charlie Taylor - 207-636-1606  OR  207-651-0494