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Coronavirus Response from the State of Maine - See attached information from the Governor regarding the Coronavirus and how best to combat this virus.  Click here for the letter from the Governor.

For up to date information from the Governor - click on this link:  https://www.maine.gov/governor/mills/official_documents

Coronavirus Information


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Common Coronavirus vs Novel Coronavirus

What to do if you are sick with Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

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From the Board of Selectmen:

April 2, 2020


Shapleigh Property Owners and Residents

This letter serves to notify and update you on the current status in Shapleigh, amidst the Co-VID 19 pandemic.

The Municipal Officers are taking this very seriously and are being told to assume this virus is in our Town. With that being said, we are taking all measures to ensure the safety of residents, property owners, and staff.

By now most of you know that the Town Hall is open by appointment and for emergency transactions only. In an effort to assure each Department within the Office is being utilized only for emergencies, effective immediately all internal Department Heads must now clear those transactions with our Town Administrator prior to performing them. We, as Municipal Officers, must be sure everyone is safe, and abiding by the order set forth by our Governor. We understand with the additional step it may take extra time to get you what you need, but we believe this is in everyone’s best interest. New legislation is changing daily and our Town Administrator is following these laws and changes very closely, therefore she is the best resource in determining an essential emergency. If you believe you have a transaction that can not wait, please call the appropriate department and leave a message. If you don't hear back within 48 hours, please call the Town Administrators' extension at "0" or email administrator@shapleigh.net to follow up.

Effective Saturday, May 16, 2020 the Transfer Station lower level will be open.  We ask for your patience and to social distance at least 6 feet apart. 

The Library will continue to be closed, but there is free wi-fi in the parking lot.

For more accurate information, we encourage you to follow the Maine CDC and Maine.gov sites for accurate information on the Stay at Home Order and definitions of who is essential and who is not.

It is time to hunker down Shapleigh more than ever. Please, however, take the time to place a phone call, or maybe a quick email to those neighbors of yours, in Town. Remember, we need to check on everyone, especially the elderly and especially those who live completely alone. Neighbors helping neighbors.

If you, or someone you know is struggling with this in any way, please contact one of the Selectmen directly or our Town Administrator. We are in constant contact with our Health Officer, Rescue Chief, and EMA Director and have resources and want to help. All calls are confidential.

In closing, we would like to thank the First Responders at the Shapleigh Fire, Rescue Department, EMA and mutual aid for keeping us safe. We also have several residents in Shapleigh who work in the Health Care Field, so thank you also. Lastly if you work in an essential field, thank you for continuing to work each and every day during this pandemic so that we can all get and receive the services and food we need.

Together, we will stay Shapleigh Strong. God Bless You All –

Jennifer J. Roux, Chairman 459-4256

Scott E. Cudworth 206-4550

William J. Mageary 636-1357

Shapleigh Board of Selectmen