January 16, 2022  4:24 PM 

Shapleigh Conservation Commission

May 17, 2021

Attending: Chuck Desmond, Susan Baker, Carol Boothby, Susie Marcoux, and David Mann. 

Meeting called to order at 7:07 pm by Committee Chair, Chuck Desmond.

Secretary’s Report: Secretary’s report for April 12, 2021 was approved as written with one correction; Susan Baker’s name was corrected (incorrectly reported as “Butler”).

Wildlife sightings: Woodchuck, fisher cat, hawk catching a bird, and lots of ticks.

Correspondence: Susan spoke to Massabesic School Principal, James Hand, about the essay contest and he has passed the material on to the guidance counselor. Susan has also posted the essay information on What’s Shaken in Shapleigh. Susie will speak to Kerra Harmon a science teacher at the high school to see if she has heard about it.

Newspaper/Publication items of interest: 

Treasurer’s report: $300.00

Trail:  On May 3rd, a crew made up of Chuck Desmond, Susan Baker, Darren Talbert and David Mann worked on cleaning up the trail in the Town Forest. Darren removed a tree that had fallen across the trail near the Boston Cemetery and used the tree to make a trailside bench.

Town Forest: On April 10th, Chuck met with Mark Phelps, ASYCC; Dave Burns, ASYCC; Mark Jacobs, Shapleigh Forestry Committee; and Mindy Goodrum, York County Soil & Water Conservation District at the Town Beach. Among other things, Chuck discussed having the ASYCC help with cleaning up of the Town Beach and spreading mulch at Goose Pond Overlook. Chuck will speak with Mark Phelps again and try and get a firm commitment that the ASYCC will help with work at the town beach this summer. 

Joe Stanley did authorize the construction of a picnic table to be installed near the Boston Cemetery.

Planning Board: Nothing to report

Appeals Board: Nothing to report

Three Rivers Land Trust: The land trust held their annual meeting on May 12th. They are busy raising money to complete the purchase of the 550 acres of land that will form the Sanford Community Forest.

Williams Property: The Williams Property looks great. 

New Business

The next meeting will be June 14, 2021.

Meeting adjourned at 7:51 pm.

Minutes respectively submitted by David Mann