January 16, 2022  4:53 PM 


Duffy Gold - Chairman

Nancy Small

Kathy Fagan

Tom Small 

Bill Mann 

The Board of Selectmen as part of the process to update the 2005 Comprehensive Plan have established a Comprehensive Plan Update Review Committee.  Members of the Capital Improvement Committee will be overseeing this project.  The purpose of the Comp Plan is to advise the Board of Selectmen and Planning Board and to seek input of the residents and Town Committees in the preparation of a comprehensive long range plan for the Town of Shapleigh through the years.  The committee shall be responsible for the development of this plan with goals, objectives and priorities and the plan shall be a statement through text, maps, illustrations or other forms of corms of communication that is designed to provide a base for decision making regarding the long term physical development of the town as well as to guide delivery of town services and fiscal management. 

Public Forums & Surveys

Input from residents will be important as we develop our comp. plan.  Public forums will be held periodically to provide opportunities for residents to have a voice and for the committee to understand what the upcoming needs and goals might be.  These forums will be posted.   

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