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June 7, 2016

Members in attendance: Roger Allaire (Chairman), Maggie Moody (Vice Chairman), Madge Baker, Roland Legere, Alternate Ann Harris, as well as Barbara Felong (Secretary). Code Enforcement Officer Steven McDonough was also in attendance. Diane Srebnick and Alternate Steve Foglio were unable to attend.


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A workshop was held with the Selectmen at 6:00 p.m. going over changes made to date to the Comprehensive Plan by the Planning Board. The Planning Board noted that they have been discussing modifying the lot size requirement for a duplex, which now requires 300 feet of road frontage and 4 acres. There would be no change suggested for the Shoreland District as there is already an excessive amount of residential structures in the Shoreland District at this time. The board also noted that they are considering increasing the lot coverage allowance for commercial structures, going from a maximum of 10% to possibly 15% lot coverage. This also would not apply in the Shoreland District. Review of the Comprehensive Plan will continue throughout 2016. The Selectmen thanked the board for their work to date.


The planning board meeting started at 7:30 p.m.

The minutes from Tuesday, May 24, 2016 were accepted as read.


Conditional Use Permit – Replace Retaining Wall – Map 27, Lot 3D (9 Narrows Lane) – Mark Hourigan, Applicant

Mr. Hourigan was present for the review of his application.

Along with the application, Mr. Hourigan provided an addendum which described what his intention was in detail and a sketch plan which depicts the existing camp, location of the septic tank & leach field, shed, patio area, existing trees on site and the location of the retaining wall to be replaced. The detailed description on the application itself read as follows: Replace failed stone retaining wall with new stone block wall. Add steps down to lake using same materials. Add plantings at top of wall to stabilize slope.

Roger A. began by asking Mr. Hourigan if he was certain the retaining wall would be no taller than 4 feet in height? Mr. Hourigan stated that it was right around four feet and his intent was to build it at the same height as the existing. Roger stated that anything greater than four feet in height would need to be engineered. Mr. Hourigan stated that he had been advised of that.

Roger A. asked if someone would be building the wall for him? Mr. Hourigan stated he had spoken with Joe Letourneau of Earthworks Landscaping. He said he hadn’t received a proposal yet but he believed that is who he would be using. Roger stated that whomever worked on the wall would need a DEP license to do so because they will be working in the shoreland zone.

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Roger A. asked if there would be any plantings put in after the wall was done? Mr. Hourigan stated that he intended to put some bushes in at the top of the wall. Roger said the actual plantings should be depicted on the plan, so when CEO McDonough reviewed the plan he would know it was being done according to what the Planning Board approved. Mr. Hourigan stated he was looking at the DEP guide lines for shoreland plantings but he hadn’t picked the actual bushes out yet. He said he would be using mulch and some native plants.

Roger A. stated there would need to be a Permit by Rule approved by the DEP. Mr. Hourigan said he received an email stating the permit had been approved and the information would be provided to the Town.

Roland L. asked if there were any trees that needed to be removed in the area of the wall? Mr. Hourigan stated, no.

Roger L. asked what Mr. Hourigan’s intention was for the existing stone wall, where would it be going? Mr. Hourigan said the existing stone wall had already been taken down by about 75%. He said he could have Mr. Letourneau remove it or he could try to use it on the property. He stated he hadn’t really thought about what he was going to do with it. Roland asked where it is a non-wood structure, could it stay on site? Roger A. believed it could. He said it could be buried. Roland wanted Mr. Hourigan to know it could not be put in the water. CEO McDonough stated that if it were going to stay on site, there needs to be a plan as to what will be done with it. Mr. Hourigan thought he may have it removed as he had no plans for it.

Roger A. stated the board needs a detailed revegetation plan, what is going to go in after the wall is completed. He also stated there would be a site inspection done on Tuesday, June 28th. Board members will meet at the town hall at 6:50 p.m. and be at the site by 7:00 p.m.

Mr. Hourigan asked if he needed to be there. Roger A. stated it is always a good idea, so if board members have any questions or needed clarity, Mr. Hourigan could have the answers for the board meeting, which will take place right after the site inspection at 7:30 p.m. He let him know at that time the board will either approve or disapprove, or approve with conditions.

Ann H. asked if Mr. Hourigan could have someone else represent him? Roger A. stated, yes, as long as he gives the board a letter stating whomever could represent him and speak for him to answer any questions. Also, that they could make decisions for him if needed.

Roland L. stated the board would also need the time table for the project and when the replanting would take place. Roland said those questions will need to be answered.

Mr. Hourigan stated he didn’t have those answers yet, the lake is high at present, and he didn’t have the contractor. Roger A. stated it is important to have a time frame, so the board can set a replanting date to be sure the plants are put in at a time when they will be able to get established. If it is in the fall that is fine but the plants will have to go in before winter or he should have mulch put down. The board needs to have an idea what is going to take place and when. Roger noted the date can be changed, Mr. Hourigan would have to notify the board and a new date can be established. The board will need an idea for the next meeting, but there is some leeway, it does not have to be completed within a few weeks.

Roger A. stated again there needed to be a replanting plan and an estimated time of completion for the next meeting. The board will be on site by 7:00 p.m. A notice to abutters will be mailed as well.

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Nothing further was discussed.


Growth Permits

• Map 43, Lot 28 (105 Pine Cone Drive) – New Home GP #07-16

This lot had been reviewed by the Planning Board as a Best Possible Location. There is an existing structure that is being converted from a shed to a year round home. It is on an existing lot of record.

• Map 16, Lot 4 (Cattail Loop Road) – New Home – GP #08-16

This lot is an existing lot of record. There is an existing septic system currently on the lot which will continue to service an existing structure and the new structure.


June Planning Board Meetings

Due to elections being held on Tuesday, June 14th, the Planning Board will hold their meetings on Tuesday, June 7th and Tuesday, June 28th.


The Planning Board meeting ended at 7:45 p.m.

The next meeting will be held Tuesday, June 28th, 2016 at 7:30 p.m. The Planning Board meets the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month unless it falls on a holiday or Election Day. Any scheduled public hearing takes place at 7:00 p.m. prior to the scheduled meeting. Also, should there be a cancellation due to a storm event, holiday or Election, the meeting will typically be held the following Wednesday, also at 7:30 p.m. Please contact the Land Use Secretary if there is a question in scheduling, 207-636-2844, x404.

Respectively submitted,

Barbara Felong

Land Use Secretary